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Updated guidelines help kids and adults understand and manage asthma

7 Mar 2019

The National Asthma Council Australia today released an updated My Asthma Guide

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Asthma experts call for new way forward to improve asthma outcomes in Australia

18 Feb 2019

Australia’s leading asthma experts have called for a rethink of written asthma action plans

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Back to school is the most common time for children’s asthma flare-ups

21 Jan 2019

Is your child asthma-ready for the back to school period?

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Increased risk for asthma flare-ups in children during back to school

21 Jan 2019

For Australian children living with asthma, going back to school can increase the likelihood of an asthma attack.

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Learn the lingo - Part 2

16 Jan 2019

Let’s cover some more of the jargon you’re likely to come across with regards to managing asthma on a daily basis.

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Learn the lingo - Part 1

8 Jan 2019

We answer some common questions we’ve received in the hope of making learning about living with asthma a little easier.

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Respected director to lead National Asthma Council Australia

17 Dec 2018

The National Asthma Council Australia has announced longstanding director Dr Joanna Wriedt as its new Chair of the Board.

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Latest treatment options for patients with severe asthma

11 Dec 2018

The National Asthma Council has released a new resource to explain latest treatment options for patients with severe asthma.

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Beware of the Christmas Tree ‘Sneeze and Wheeze'

3 Dec 2018

National Asthma Council Australia have warned that your festive tree can trigger asthma symptoms and respiratory problems.

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New asthma death toll shows baby boomer women are more at risk

21 Oct 2018

Women with asthma aged between 55 and 64 years are being urged to take action to manage their condition.