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Encourage asthma patients to have flu shot

2 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak makes the influenza vaccination more important than ever for the 2.7 million Australians with asthma.

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Preparing your asthma patients as COVID-19 spreads

20 Mar 2020

The National Asthma Council urges health professionals to help their patients establish optimal asthma control.

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National Asthma Council Australia welcomes new directors

23 Feb 2020

NAC announces the appointment of Mr Rob Farrier as the new Pharmaceutical Society of Australia nominee director on the Board.

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Back To School 2020 Graphic

Be ready for back-to-school asthma spike

20 Jan 2020

How GPs, nurses and pharmacists can help kids with asthma prepare for the start of the school year

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Asthma warning as heatwaves sweep across Australia

20 Dec 2019

NAC is warning people with asthma or hay fever to be well prepared as temperatures are set to swelter.

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New strategy to boost use of asthma action plans

5 Dec 2019

The findings from our Rethinking Written Asthma Action Plans project outline five new priorities.

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Record pollen, fires, wind, and storms a dangerous mix for asthma

20 Nov 2019

Patients may be at risk of serious asthma and hay fever episodes due to strong winds, bushfires and a high pollen alert

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Latest data shows drop in asthma deaths, but Asthma Council warns against complacency

14 Oct 2019

There were 389 asthma-related deaths last year. Fewer people lost their lives than in 2017, but the death toll remains high.

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Asthma Council welcomes drop in asthma deaths but warns against complacency

14 Oct 2019

New ABS data shows a significant decrease in asthma-related deaths in Australia in 2018.

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Asthma Week 2019 144Dpi 02B

Spring into action for good asthma care

1 Sep 2019

NAC is calling on healthcare professionals to mark National Asthma Week by preparing people with asthma for pollen season.